About us

By uniting participants of the Four-Day War, we want to support each other, the relatives of our fallen friends, and we want to create dignified future together – a future, we dreamt of when we were standing in the trench. We will raise the awareness about the issues of sick and wounded servicemen, as well as the about the issues of freedom fighters, sick and disabled children, and our compatriots in need of help.

Our goal is to unite our compatriots living in Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora; to build a bridge that will help to support one another and overcome all difficulties together.

We will put all our efforts to support the relatives of our fallen friends. We all try hard for the same reason; so that no mother loses her son or feels ignorance; so that no child stops smiling and, overcomes all the difficulties, and so that no freedom fighter ever feels ignored. We are responsible for everyone, aren’t we?

So, let us be united and support each other in order to be a powerful homeland.


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